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Commercial Services

     Your landscape is the welcome mat to your business or community. Southeastern Lawn and Pest is here to make sure you are projecting the image you deserve by providing select services or turnkey landscape maintenance programs for our commercial customers. We will meet you at your property and do a walk around with you to better understand your landscape needs. As part of Southeastern’s lean business model, we use state of the art measuring and estimating programs to ensure that we are not overestimating time or materials in your landscape.


      Monthly reports are generated and forwarded to you that will help your business maintain and stay ahead of all aspects of your grounds maintenance. These reports will monitor and note any deficiencies in your irrigation, turf and plantings as well as provide detailed documentation of services provided. Maintenance services can be scheduled around your properties busy times and our technicians will always be OSHA safety complaint while operating on your grounds. We always exercise extreme caution while operating around your customers.


      Mowing can be provided on 7, 10 and 14 day schedules depending on your property’s needs. Commercial mowing can be scheduled around your businesses busy times. The three main complaints of customers regarding mowing in the landscape industry are trash being strewn about, scalped areas of turf and poor quality of cut. To avoid trash and debris problems, Southeastern will always clear your grounds before mowing. Scalping of turf and poor cuts usually come from inadequately trained technicians using poorly maintained machinery. To remedy this problem, our mowing services are always performed by trained technicians on well-maintained mowers with hardened steel blades that are changed daily. We pride ourselves on mowing your property in a safe, efficient manner that leaves nothing behind but well-manicured grass.

Shrubs and ornamentals

Pruning for developmental growth                                                                   Pruning for aesthetic design needs of the landscape                                   Limbing of small trees                                                                                         Foliar, slow release granular and injection fertilization                                Insect and disease management

 Bed maintenance

          Landscape beds are an integral part of your overall look. Costumers that choose  bed maintenance as part of their complete landscape maintenance service will enjoy year round beauty. A combination of pre-emergent, hand-weeding and spraying will keep you beds weed free.


On Staff Biologist

SC Certified Turf Applicator

Licensed by Clemson University

SC Certified Structural Applicator

NCCTP Turf Grass Professional