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     When it comes to saving money in the landscape, irrigation is one of the easiest areas to target. Nationally, over 40% of all irrigation systems are running inefficiently. Watering at the wrong time of day, broken components, overspray onto streets or parking areas and lack of functioning rain sensors are the most common culprits. Because of Southeastern Lawn and Pests commitment to lowering overall price, we highly encourage you to allow us to do a complete irrigation audit. Our irrigation audits will place in your hand a report that details system design, operation, actual output per zone, current controller programming, deficiencies and estimates of water usage. Overwatering is also one of the largest causes of disease in turfgrass. Our landscaep maintenance plans all include monitoring and basic adjustment throughout the year at no additional cost. All of our irrigation systems come with a three year warranty on parts and labor.

     Southeastern offers the following irrigation services:

     - Irrigation audits

     - Design and installation of in-ground irrigation systems

     - Design and installation of poly drip emitter systems

     - Container irrigation systems

     - Maintenance and repair of irrigation systems

     - Retrofitting with smart controllers and rain sensors


We Use Rainbird Products